The Books

Published 2016

Twelve-year-old Tommy Andrews is on a journey to find his father, but he never expected that it would send him back to the year 1540! Join him and his friend, Nick, as they journey through time and come face-to-face with King Henry VIII while on their search for Tommy’s dad. It’s an adventure through time that you’ll never forget!

Cover design by Brian Townsend.

Published 2021

Twelve-year-old middle-schoolers Tommy and Nick are modern-day best friends with a big secret: they can travel through time! With their history teacher Mr. Barnhart, aka Sir Edward, and Tommy’s parents, they use magical stones to travel back to 1863 and stop a bizarre new attack on President Abraham Lincoln in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. All does not go as planned, however, and they must once again escape from the clutches of another Abraham, a villain who was supposed to have died in the Battle of Gettysburg, forcing them to flee once again to Tudor England and the court of the terrifying Henry VIII.

Cover design by Brian Townsend.

Published 2010

This is a fascinating how-to hair styling manual for women who work at living history sites, actors or reenactors who want to create an accurate look for their chosen time period, or anyone interested in historical styles. The book covers seven periods: the Regency period, the early Victorian (or Romantic) period, the Antebellum period, the Civil War period, the post Civil War period, the late Victorian period, and the end of the Victorian period. Each section includes information on period dress as well as some social and political trivia. Step-by-step directions, augmented by photographs, are provided for a simple hairstyle in each period. Short hair styles are also discussed—yes, short hair styles were intermittently in fashion. Three appendices include: “Making Your Own Ratt,” “Short Hair,” and “How to Make Rag Curls.” A wealth of charming vintage illustrations, a list of required tools, a bibliography and an image index add to the value of this work.